Suncare Essentials Bundle

Original price was: $87.00.Current price is: $74.00.

A discounted bundle of:

•One Suncream (50 ml)

•One Sunkissed Facial serum (30 ml)

•One Buzz Away Bug Spray (120 ml)


Suncream: A natural, safe suncream made from fresh, nutrient-rich organic oils. This cream is perfect for your skin from the powerful rays of the sun and is safe for the whole family! Physical zinc oxide suncream.

Sunkissed Facial Serum: A pre & post natural SPF suncare facial serum. Raspberry seed oil contains powerful anti-oxidants and vitamin E to help fight free radicals, while Carrot root oil contains natural brightening properties- Helping with any kind of pigmentation on the surface layer of the skin.

Buzz Away Bug Spray: An all-natural bug spray that helps keep away the insects.

Find the ingredients list for these products in their  individual product category which can be found in the ‘Summer Essentials’ category.


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Suncare Essentials Bundle
Original price was: $87.00.Current price is: $74.00.
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